Reviews for Mr. Kersey's Karate

"It's changed my life. I feel much better."

This is such an AWESOME place. The instructors are phenominal at not only instructing karate but also teaching the children about life's lessons such as respect, discipline, listening, and treating everyone as an equal. My daughter loves attending and hates to leave. Highly, highly recommended. 

Cassie Coplin, Brenleigh's Mom

We had such a wonderful experience. My daughter responded well to the structured, encouraging environment. The staff is great with the kids. My daughter made friends and learned new skills. We started with lessons, and then used them for summer care/day camp. It was a huge relief to know she was well cared for and having fun when I had to work some long hours. We even had her 6th birthday there, and it was a blast! If we didn't recently move out of state we would still be going to class!

Laura Carerra, Sasha's Mom

"This has helped to bond our family."

The Martial Arts Teachers' Association

I've talked to so many about the class. I tell them it's a great workout, it teaches self-defense moves and the instructors are there making sure you're doing the techniques the right way.  It's fun!  It's EMPOWERING!!!!!  You will love it!

Liz Greenville

You need to try a few times. Do not be intimidated.  Everyone is super supportive, plus we are all working too hard to notice you during the class anyway.  Also, most things you can modify if you need. (like my favorite modification, just skipping the tricep pushups).

John Anderson