Mr. Kersey's Karate FAQ

Our Children's Program

What martial arts styles do you teach? +

We have combined the best elements from a wide variety of styles. Our curriculum teaches the easiest to learn, most effective karate techniques using the best possible teaching methods. We also have other programs including fitness and self-defense.

Will your program make my child more violent and aggressive? +

Not at all. The martial arts has a wonderful mediating effect on students. Many studies have supported the evidence that children in martial arts have more self-control than average kids. 

For children who are shy and find it difficult to stand up for themselves, martial arts gives them the confidence to do so but in a non-confrontational manner.  

On the other end of the spectrum, children who tend to overly aggressive learn to calm down and act with more self-control.

What if my child wants to quit? +

We suggest that you discuss with your child the importance of commitment. Come to an agreement to attend classes twice a week for at least six-months with no quitting or skipping class allowed.

Plan as best you can to keep the child engaged in activities like homework or chores before it is time to go to class. This makes going to class all the more attractive.

This will also help the child develop a long-term view on many activities they get involved in. We are always happy to speak to a child to help keep them motivated to come to class.

Our Adult Program

How old does my child have to be? +

We have programs for students from age 4 and up. We segment the classes so that the material that is taught is age appropriate and safe.

I’ve never been very athletic. Can I do this? +

If you are able to follow instructions, you will be able to learn martial arts.

Though you can make this into a sport, this is an art form first and foremost. You do not need to be athletic or experienced to enjoy our classes and learn the martial arts.

Our beginner classes are designed to focus on you learning techniques with a light physical workout.

As your skill improves, your conditioning will improve as well and the challenges of the workout increase to keep you engaged and excited about training.

I have no previous martial arts experience. How will I fit in? +

Remember, this is not a competition. It's a school. At our Academy, we start you at the beginning and bring you along class-by-class.

Our instructors, as well as our senior students, will always support and assist the beginning students. This personal attention assures the greatest achievement in your training.

Can I get hurt?  +

Anyone can get hurt doing anything, but we work hard to make sure your classes are safe and professional.

Injured students do not progress and often end up dropping out, so we have a great motivation to keep you safe and uninjured.